Special Programs

Special career opportunities for select individuals

Join Sandia's workforce while receiving support and training to achieve your dreams and reach greater heights in your education and career.

Master's Fellowship Program

Exceptional candidates with bachelor's degrees can receive fully funded master's of science degrees through Sandia's Master's Fellowship Program. Successful applicants will become full-time Sandia employees. After working at Sandia for at least two months, participants will enter graduate school full-time, while receiving benefits and stipends from Sandia. Participants are guaranteed job placement at Sandia after receiving their master's degrees. Learn more about MFP.

Wounded Warrior Career Development Program

U.S. military veterans with combat-related injuries can acquire career-based skills through Sandia's Wounded Warrior Career Development Program. All Wounded Warrior hires are employed for a limited term (1–2 years) and receive extensive training, mentoring, and support to help them transition to civilian careers. The program offers flexible work schedules to assist participants in their pursuit of higher education. After completing the Wounded Warrior program, participants may be offered regular, full-time employment. Learn more about the Wounded Warrior program.