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Research in Microfluidics 

MicroChemLab™ biodetector


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Research in Microfluidic Transport at Sandia National Laboratories

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Research Areas

The Microfluidics department of the Sandia National Laboratories is vigorously probing the chemical physics of microfluidic transport and developing high-performance, transport-based microfluidic and nanofluidics systems.

Sandia has made breakthroughs in electrokinetic pumping and in fundamental electroosmosis and dielectrophoresis. These breakthroughs have resulted in components and detectors with many applications including national security. This fundamental and practical knowledge has assisted Sandia's development of MicroChemLab, a hand-held chemical analysis system.

To support both basic and applied research, Sandia has developed innovative diagnostic instrumentation to characterize microflows and quantify microsystem performance and has validated numerical tools to simulate electrokinesis and dielectrophoresis.